The Next Generation of Seniors wants a Different Type of Senior Living Community.

This next generation will expect, at a minimum, the best of what current communities offer: residential and universal design throughout, independence with the ability to age in place, access to quality health care if needed and excellent services and programs. However, in addition, we also believe they will desire communities that offer:

  • Design that creates a true feeling of neighborhood and sense of place by incorporating new urbanism and mixed-use elements;
  • Intergenerational programs and services;
  • Personalized programs, spaces, and technology;
  • Greater connection to the surrounding neighborhood and the community-at-large.

In other words, communities that don’t look or feel like traditional “seniors housing”.

Below are links to recent articles on senior living incorporating intergenerational design and programming, new urbanism and mixed-use design, placemaking and theming, and related topics.  Further below we also have a bibliography of recommended books on these topics.